Yamanoka: What is the background of this extraordinary Kabuse Fukamushi?

We can’t believe the incredible deep green and long lasting taste of the Mie Yamanoka, but where does it come from?

Kimihiko and Iwao Hayashi have quite a lot of different tea bush varietals in their tea garden, like Yabukita, Asatsuyu, Yamarin and Sayama Kaori. For tea bushes like Yabukita and Asatsuyu, it is quite common to shade them to make a “Kabusecha”, which is characterized by a really green infusion color, mildness and intensive Umami.

Nevertheless, Kimihiko and Iwao Hayashi decided to make an experiment for the first time during the first flush 2018, and they shaded their Sayama Kaori bushes for 2 weeks, which is a quite long shading time. Afterward, they made not a usual steaming [chu-mushi], but a very intensive steaming: [fuka-mushi].

What the result of all this is, does everybody know, who tasted this brilliant tea. Did you already taste it?

We heard one to say: May children tasted it, and just said: “The infusion looks so intensively green like a matcha, but its taste it so mild! How can this be?!”