The meaning behind the Miumori Asanomi Kabusecha

Do you know what “Asanomi” means?

In Japan the morning is called “asa”, and “asa” is a part of the name of three Japanese tea bush varietals, namely Asahi, Asatsuyu and Asanoka. Two of them are Shutaro Hayashi’s most favorite tea bush varietals, namely “Asanoka” and “Asatsuyu”. While Asanoka means “the fragrance of the morning”, the translation of the Japanese tea cultivar Asatsuyu is “morning dew”. It is not just that the names are beautiful, also the teas of these great tea bush varietals can be extremely beautiful and impressing. The freshness and lightness are key aspect of these varietals.

But, still, what is the meaning of “Asanomi”? Is it a further tea bush varietal, or something new?

Asanomi can be translated as “only the morning”, “fruits of the morning”, “only morning” or “drinking the morning”. It is a word game, with all meaning being true actually 🙂

Asanomi is a tea created by the young organic tea farmer Shutaro Hayashi from Kirishima. It is a composition of his two favourite varietals Asatsuyu and Asanoka, which he both shades for this unique and high class Kabusecha !!

Seek a shady place and cool down, with the extrem full and longlasting taste of the Miumori Asanomi.

The incredible beautiful green of the infusion of the Miumori Asanomi