The Morimoto Tokujou Kabusecha

Stay fresh on hot Summer days, with the deep and intense taste and color of the Morimoto Tokujou Kabusecha.

The first infusion is breathtaking, in colour and taste.

For this brilliant tea with a lot of sweetness and umami, the Morimotos harvest the both tea bush varietals Oku Midori and Minami Sayaka. The Minami Sayaka is a very rare tea bush varietal, which is perfect for growing in the south of Japan, which a lot of sun, like in Morimotos organic tea garden in Miyazaki.

Before harvest, Morimotos shade their tea garden parcels of both varietals for around ten days to two weeks, which brings a lot of sweetness and umami in this wonderful tea. Thanks to the quite soft final heating [yowai hi-ire], the Morimoto Tokujou Kabusecha comes with a lot of freshness and greenness.

Refreshing and mild, perfect for brewing it with quite cool or even cold water.