Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Kirishima: The Miyama Kirishima Wood Prints

A guest contribution by grafic artist Leopold Lenzgeiger / A.M. GbR

This art print has been composed as an extension of the risograph print of Mount Kirishima. The Miyama Kirishima Wood Prints may also be seen as a complement of the Kirishima-Yakushima unit, because it brings together the elements of water (water colour) and of the woods (xylography). The pink-coloured “Miyama Kirishima” (Rododendron kiusianum), the flower of the Kagoshima Prefecture, which is found on this new wood print as well as on the Mount Kirishima risograph print, is a further connection between these both art print series.

About the process:

In the first step the silhouette of the Miyama Kirishima flower was carved our from a flat piece of wood. In the second step 15 wood prints were made with this carved wooden plate. Afterwards, a masking fluid was put on parts of each of these 15 pieces of wood prints. In the next step the prints were painted over with with a dark aquamarine watercolour. Finally, the masking fluid was taken away.

Dimensions of the prints (without frame): 42 x 29,7 cm

Mixed technique in two colours
Watercolour: dark aquamarin blue
Woodprint: bright pink

Dorée paper 170 g/qm, acid-free

Limited edition of 15 numbered and signed pieces

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A guest contribution by grafic artist Leopold Lenzgeiger / A.M. GbR