Shincha MOE: News from Mr. Matsumotos tea garden

Some minutes earlier, we received the latest news from Mr. Matsumoto, who currently takes a picture from his tea garden nearly every day and sends it to us. These pictures always show the particular tea garden parcel, from whose bushes Mr. Matsumoto takes the leaves for the Shincha MOE. That way you can excellently witness, how the fine, young sprouts grow further. Step by step they sprout, until they have reached the perfect size and quality for being harvested by Mr. Matsumoto for his Shincha MOE.

A picture of the particular tea garden parcel, where the leaves for the Shincha MOE are from, taken by Mr. Matsumoto on 14th April 2017.

The distinctively lovely tea garden, where Mr. Matsumoto cultivates the Yabukita bushes, whose leaves he uses in a very early phase of growth for the extraordinary fine Shincha MOE, can easily be recognized: In the backgroung, you see an idyllic lagoon, located in the prefecture Kumamoto.

From Mrs. Goto, an employee at the tea garden belonging to Mankichi Watanabe and his son Keita Watanabe, we got a message today, too. She informed us about how the tea bushes are developing and which tea bush variety for the Shincha will be harvested presumambly at which day this year or which ones have already been harvested. More information on this we will write in the next blogpost here on Shincha Blog 2017.