Sakura-no Shincha MOE update: Mr. Matsumoto started the harvest

Finally, it is happening: This morning, Mr. Matsumoto from the tea garden Sakura-No En called with the good news, that he harvested the super fine leaves for the Shincha MOE two days ago. The harvest date for the Sakura-No Shincha MOE is thus 25th April 2017. After the producing of the Aracha, which happend first, yesterday on 26th April also the Sincha MOE 2017’s final processing (shi-age) took place. Like fans of Shincha MOE probably already know, this Shincha is harvsted so fine, that there is no final sorting. There is nothing, that could or should be sorted. However, the final step of the shi-age takes place, in this case just not in the meaning of a final sorting, but in the meaning of a final heating (hi-ire). To be specific, the Shincha MOE is not a Aracha-Shincha, but a finally processed Shincha.

Mr. Matsumoto’s Sakura-No Shincha MOE 2017
Mr. Matsumoto’s Sakura-No Shincha MOE 2017

Thanks to the glad call from Mr. Matsumoto, we could directly confer with him. Because of that, it worked out, that he could send the Shincha MOE 2017 to Frankfurt via air cargo, like it is common for this sort of tea, on 27th April, that means only two days after the harvest.

Thus, the Shincha MOE will arrive shortly at Frankfurt and there, it will be available in all tea shops, which did make a reservation with us for Shincha. We too are really excited and look forward to try it, as soon as we are back in Germany. Possibly, our customers will have the opportunity to try this great Shincha even earlier than us. That makes us happy, because we did have the enjoyment of breathing the fresh “Shincha air” here in Kyushu on a daily basis after all.


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