Anticipation for Morimoto Shincha

Last week we spoke to Haruyo and Shigeru on the phone to talk about the new teas and new projects for this year. There are a few changes in the business for the two of them. With this year there is some new equipment in the shiage, meaning in the final processing: sorting, heating. In the last few years, the work has become more and more difficult with the old equipment, so Haruyo and Shigeru have decided to buy new machines. However the old machines are still in good condition and are being overhauled and used by another family, which we will introduce to you soon. Apart from that, there is a new addition to the Morimoto family: Hana-chan, Haruyo and Shigeru’s new dog, is now watching over the house and yard again.

Today we received some photos of the Morimoto Shincha field Makiuchiyama. There you can already see the first shoots of the shrub variety Yutaka Midori. But it will take some time before the shading can begin.

Erste neue Triebe im Teegarten Makiuchiyama von Morimotos
First new shoots in the Makiuchiyama tea garden by Morimotos
Makiuchiyama Feld von Haruyo und Shigeru Morimoto
Makiuchiyama field by Haruyo and Shigeru Morimoto